Who says stockings have to be hung on the mantel? I’ve used hooks for some of our stockings many times and plan to do the same this year!🎄

Want to do a little Christmas shopping? You’ll find lots of festive goodies in my Christmas Decor Shop, including specialty shops for stockings and ornaments, too! >>


(My stockings are the large ones and they still available but go out of stock early every Christmas! There are also letter ornaments in the shops!)

I love simple Christmas decorating ideas! Come see the different ways I've used these cardboard letters in my decor over the years >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2013/12/06/simple-christmas-decorating-ideas-cardboard-letters/

Effortless Christmas Decorating Ideas >>

Photo via Country Living

Home Design Essentials

My readers often wrestle with how to incorporate a TV into a room. I love how seamlessly this Samsung US Frame TV fits into the decor with 100 preloaded images/pieces of art you can display on the screen and a Walnut, Beige Wood, White, or Charcoal Black bezel. Find it on Samsung.com and Amazon! #sponsored

I'm a fan of simple and effortless holiday decor, are you? Check out these LOVELY Christmas ideas to inspire you!


Photo: House & Home

Mitten string lights?! How cute! 😍 Shop these here: http://bit.ly/2zFKIu3

See more of my favorite string lights and Christmas garland here: http://theinspiredroom.net/shop-garland/

NEW POST! All the details on the herringbone tile floor in my kitchen >>


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Can your third book be your favorite? ❤️ This one might be mine.

As a young mom, I suffered for a short season from anxiety and debilitating panic attacks. It wasn't fun. This book isn't about that season, but the stress in my inner and outer world at that time transformed me in positive ways and eventually changed how I lived in my home.

The state of our home and how we live matters to how we function, to our family, and it even impacts our life, maybe even more than we may even realize or want to admit. We need to simplify to succeed.

My home is definitely my sanctuary. Is it perfect? No way. Life is messy at times (hello moving, babies, school, teens, remodeling, illness, new jobs, new projects, change!). Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

But the good news is your home doesn't have to stay in chaos. There are ways to simplify! Seasons will change the dynamics, but if you know what matters to you and have the right goals, you can more easily adjust your course to restore or maintain peace and sanity in your home and make more room for all that matters to you.

You can order Make Room for What You Love for 52% off on Amazon right now here >> http://bit.ly/2zFqf8X

If you're a blogger, creator, or business owner (or if you'd like to be!), come see my post full of helpful tips on how to stand out from the crowd and grow a lasting business! >>


Have you ever had Ebelskivers? Sooo delicious. The cinnamon apple syrup recipe is fabulous too!

CLICK FOR RECIPE>>> http://theinspiredroom.net/2013/06/07/breakfast-ideas-ebelskivers/

PIN FOR LATER>> http://www.pinterest.com/theinspiredroom/holiday-entertaining-recipes/

Have you checked out the new Joanna Gaines' line yet? I love these cute stockings! >> http://bit.ly/2irQnNq

Come see my favorite finds from her new collection at Target >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/11/05/hearth-hand-magnolia-chip-joanna-gaines/

I remember one Christmas years ago when I felt the gentle nudge to hold onto what Christmas looks like through my youngest child's eyes.

Read more in my blog post, Simply Inspired Holidays: Finding Childlike Wonder >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2016/11/09/simply-inspired-holidays-childlike-wonder/

Ottoman: http://bit.ly/2yqaLF2
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I am such a sucker for these quirky woodland animal ornaments!

Source: http://bit.ly/2zUVdKK

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25 Ideas for Christmas Decorating and Craft-Making >>


Cozy daybed vibes <3

Daybed source: http://bit.ly/2v1FLub

Christmas decor shop: theinspiredroom.net/the-inspired-room-christmas-shop/

This is our tiny guest room, but it’s also my getaway away from the noise of the house. Do you have a spot in your house where you go to hide? 😂

Rug: http://bit.ly/2rm1vv0
Light: http://bit.ly/2sE9GXc
Curtains: http://bit.ly/2rlrnH6
Tassel blankets: http://theinspiredroom.net/2016/10/12/cozy-tassel-throw-blankets/

Shop my house: theinspiredroom.net/shop-my-house

These white velvet stockings are the coziest ever. I've had them for years and I love how versatile they are! > http://bit.ly/2zQxQlx

I can’t wait to decorate my kitchen for Christmas.🎄Last year we had a contractor here on Christmas Eve so this will be our first ever Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday in our new kitchen! (Clarification: he wasn’t here FOR Christmas, he was still working on the kitchen 😂).

Kitchen sources: http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/03/06/galley-kitchen-remodel-sources/

Simply Inspired Holidays: First Things First - The Inspired Room

With Thanksgiving in the U.S. still coming up and of course Christmas after that (and New Year’s following at the end of the year), we’re obviously coming up on a very busy season!

Whether we are planning our festivities and coordinating all the get-togethers, decorating and setting up the tree, buying gifts or just cleaning the house so it doesn’t look like a bomb went off, there’s just a lot to do this time of year.

I want to find simple ways to be fully present and enjoy the experiences and festiveness of the season. You don’t have to do it all, but what you choose to do can be meaningful to your family and help set the tone for celebrating and memory making! Find ways to make this a special season here >>


I love to find creative ways to bring motivating quotes, thoughts and verses into our home so we can be surrounded by inspiration daily. This "It Is Well With My Soul" sign is such a special message to have in the house!

Source: http://bit.ly/2zwagKc

A little known secret of success that can empower you, 10 Things I Know For Sure, and a collection of beautiful rooms to inspire...on the blog >>


Photo: Blackband Home & Design

I’ve never enjoyed dragging 500 tinsel filled bins to my living room, especially all at once 😉. I prefer to savor a slow evolution of the seasons in my home all year round.

So to simplify, I actually keep just a few of my favorite transitional items in my home or in an easy to access spot so I can decorate slowly and when the inspiration strikes.🎄

One day I might hang a simple pine cone garland around a doorway. Then I may feel inspired to add a small tree to a side table. Another day I may get excited to set a bowl of shiny ornaments on a table.

This way, each seasonal addition can be savored for its simplicity. I can do more, or less, as I feel inspired. No pressure, no mess and no feeling overwhelmed by dragging boxes of stuff to my living room before I’m ready (and often I never even get them out)🎄

Similar pinecone garland: http://bit.ly/2zOMTw9

See my shops with garland and lights, stockings, trees and all things Christmas! > theinspiredroom.net/the-inspired-room-christmas-shop/

All the heart eyes for these cute denim tassel stockings 😍 : http://bit.ly/2zwaYr2

More stockings here: theinspiredroom.net/shop-christmas-stockings

Shop all of my favorite holiday decor in my Christmas shop (adorable stockings, ornaments, trees, garland and lights, and more)! >>


It Is Well Sign: http://bit.ly/2zwagKc

A round table in an entry feels extra inviting and unexpected. It can be a perfect spot to set pretty coffee table style books. Look for other ways to add color, interesting shapes and cozy statements, such as a lantern, or a textural basket filled with umbrellas, walking sticks and a tartan throw.

More unexpected entry ideas here: http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/09/18/six-unexpected-ways-to-create-cozy-entry/

Image: New England Home

I love this wingback chair <3 It's 62% off on Wayfair right now for only $267.99...great reviews too! >> http://bit.ly/2zuascO

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You know it’s a wild day when you look over and there are dogs on the dining table! 😱😳🤔😂

Follow all our pups here >> Doodles At Home or on Instagram instagram.com/doodlesathome

It doesn’t take much to create a festive mood. A wreath or two, a few candles (battery operated are great!) and some cozy textures.


A touch of something galvanized or zinc adds a bit of a farmhouse industrial, unpretentious and homey feel to the normally shiny Christmas decorations and natural greenery. Get inspired with galvanized and zinc farmhouse Christmas decorating! >>


Photo via Dreamy Whites

Our window, sink and door are still in the same spots they were before the kitchen remodel. It all is pretty much the same...but it just looks a little different. 😉

Kitchen Sources >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/03/06/galley-kitchen-remodel-sources/

I love mixing fresh and faux greenery for a lush natural look for the holidays! Come visit my Christmas house tour 2014! >>


Shop my favorite Christmas Decor >> theinspiredroom.net/the-inspired-room-christmas-shop/

Do you love farmhouse style? Here are 5 take away tips from this lovely farmhouse country kitchen! >>


Effortless Christmas Decorating Ideas >>


Photo: House & Home

Free winter decor salvaged from the yard debris bin. 👍🏻

Doormat source >> http://bit.ly/2vpHIAF

Tiny Heirloom

I absolutely love these custom tiny homes by Tiny Heirloom! 😍

One of my favorite store's holiday decor is out and I'm loving it all!!! Prepare to swoon >>


Shop all my fave Christmas decor here >> theinspiredroom.net/the-inspired-room-christmas-shop/

Little white houses for you and for me. 🎶 Come take a tour of my simple Christmas living room last year! >>

Shop Christmas houses >> http://theinspiredroom.net/shop-christmas-houses

Shop my favorite Christmas Decor >> theinspiredroom.net/the-inspired-room-christmas-shop/

3 Tips to Mix and Match What You Have to Get the Style You Want >>


I wanted a sofa table for our sectional but nothing was long enough! Come see my solution, it was so easy ...

NEW POST: http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/11/06/long-sofa-table-one-piece-three-ways/

I didn’t change the footprint of my kitchen at all in our remodel last year. No walls were removed. Everything is located in the same basic place in the room! But rather than adding on to the square footage or rearranging, each corner got a new and refreshed personality. 😬

See the whole kitchen tour here >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/02/27/small-kitchen-remodel-reveal-before-after/

And the kitchen sources/paint colors here >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/03/06/galley-kitchen-remodel-sources/

I have a footed wood pedestal tray in my kitchen that I get soooo many questions about but I can never find a source. These are so similar and a great price! Free shipping, too! >> http://bit.ly/2hgGKku

See more of my faves from the new Joanna Gaines Target collection here >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/11/05/hearth-hand-magnolia-chip-joanna-gaines/

I'm loving this charming plaid doormat from the new Joanna Gaines Target collection (FREE shipping, too!) >> http://bit.ly/2hdf9k4

See more of my fave picks from the new Magnolia Hearth & Hand line on the blog today >>


Better Homes & Gardens

Beautiful! <3

It's finally here! Shop the new Joanna Gaines Target collection here! >> http://bit.ly/2zehDWu

Or visit the blog for a peek at my faves >>


5 Take Away Tips: A Modest Cozy & Colorful House - The Inspired Room

NEW POST! I opened my House Beautiful magazine this month and my jaw just about dropped to the floor. I almost always LOVE looking at magazines, but the mood of this house really spoke to me. Come take a tour and see my 5 take away tips! >>

Behind the scenes sneak peek of a fun video shoot at our house this week! ♥️

My girls and I are used to handling so many things ourselves when it comes to projects for our business (even doing our own photography in all of the books!).

My girls Kylee and Courtney are amazing, so I’m blessed to have their help regularly. 🎉 But it was really incredible to have a professional videographer and even a support team here (thanks to my publisher Harvest House Publishers and agent Ruth!) to make this particular video shoot happen. 👏🏻

Growing a business has always been a learning curve for me, but now I’m convinced that acquiring even more help has to be my new year’s goal 😁. Many hands definitely made lighter work and produced so much more in a short period of time! We shot 11 videos in one day, normally setting up one video or photo shoot plus editing would have taken us several days 😂. Can’t wait to show you the results. 😬

My books >> theinspiredroom.net/books